Thirty-five phone calls to nature"...What about Lim Woo-jae?

Today, this search word, it's been going up and down the window. The name is Im Woo Jae. I'm sure you've checked most of the news today. Why did the name Im Woo-jae appear in the search term today?

In terms of the Jangmyo incident, there have been many allegations of sexual intercourse, but there has been no investigation outcome of any kind.

So, 토토사이트even though Jang's case has already passed the statute of limitations and cannot be legally dealt with, the investigation was conducted by the committee.

However, after looking at the phone records of Jang's cell phone for a year, I found that the phone records were 35 or more times.

Especially, since the conversation on his wife's cell phone when he was a consultant to Samsung Electro-Mechanics, it could be the first reason why this name never came out, and the second question is, what did it mean?

I'll get this straight. I want to tell you that you should also focus on the case of Jang's nature, not on the personal history of the character named Im Woo-jae.

Im Woo-jae claims that although they have met Jang at a meeting, they have no relationship or have talked on several phone calls.

I'm going to give you a definite idea. Isn't that the fact that Im Woo-jae's name has been mentioned in the list of Jang-Nature, and now you're paying attention again?

Because there were 31 people, over 20 people on the list at the time, but not a few people were known correctly.

After Jang took her own life, Jang left it on a memo, and there were various sexual favors, such as entertainment officials, media executives and entertainment agencies.

But I didn't write down every name. So, the list was mentioned by someone who said, "Is there a lot of relationships with Jang?" The name of Lim Woo-jae has not been mentioned in the media.

That's why it's such a new name, and it's attracting attention, and by the way, Lim Woo-jae is a media coverage.

It's an MBC report. There, I talked to Mr. Jang on the phone 35 times in 2008. Thirty-five is quite a number.

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