"Natural phone calls are two-digit."

The ministry`s parliamentary audit also raised questions over allegations that Lim Woo-jae, former adviser to Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., had made 30 phone calls in the late Mr. Jang`s life.

Let's hear what the National Assembly has to say.
[ bakjjumin and lawmakers in mobile phone : (Mr. Jang Ja-yeon) per share fishermen deobul imujae that phone records existed and, to think of it, watch for cell phones of thousands of former legal advisor to that of wife.Lee Bu-jin, Hotel Shilla Co., the president's cell phone was ...Is it really Lim Woo-jae or Lee Bu-jin that the prosecution tried to protect at that time?.]

[Park Sang-ki / Minister of Justice: (Do you plan to call former advisors?) I think so if necessary.

[Lee Choon-seok / Minjoo Party lawmaker: If it is true, I don't think it's a big deal, but I think the prosecutor who covered it at the time should have proper disciplinary measures and judicial action. Will you do that?]

[Park Sang-ki / Minister of Justice: I will check first and take corresponding measures on this matter or not deliberately summoning them.]

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